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May 21st, 2011 was the happiest day of my life because that was the day I married my lovely wife. And I will be able to relive all of he magic and excitement forever, through Mark White's photography.

He captured every moment perfectly, and aside form a couple of pictures we posed for, we didn't even notice he was there! He was like a photo ninja because I saw photos of moments, where I didn't think anyone was around. And yet in every picture, it looked as though we were made up and ready for a photo shoot.

He captured everyone in the best possible light, to the point that everyone looked like models. I am a pretty hard man to please, but he absolutely floored me with his skill behind the lens.

If you are thinking of using him, do yourself a favor: stop reading this review and discover what he can offer you first hand! You will not regret it!

- Thorin Hanson; a perfectly satisfied customer

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